Get hCG Injections from a legit Online U.S. Pharmacy

You can get hCG injections either through a local weight loss clinic in Utah, OR online.
The current recommended online sources, where you both get your prescription AND the hCG kit mailed right to your home are here – there’s currently 4:
U.S. online pharmacy sources for prescription hCG Injections online

There’s a few main things to keep in mind when choosing to use the injections:

  • You need a prescription to get the real hormone. You can’t get around this. If you can buy drops online without filling out a medical intake form, then this is not real hCG.
  • These companies listed above have a real medical staff with doctors and nurse practioners.
  • To get your hCG, they have you fill out an online medical intake form, and most of them will consult with you briefly once by phone or skype.
  • Your prescription then gets dispatched to a compounding pharmacy in the United States
  • The compounding pharmacy fills your order for hCG and sends you the following:
    • the vial of hCG
    • The mixing syringe
    • The injections syringes
    • hCG diet instructions (just how detailed these are varies by company)

There are a number of clinics in Utah where you can be prescribed and monitored on the hCG Diet Protocol – check out this one company:

To see the sort of results you can get with this diet, check out this gal:


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