Zion National Park: Utah’s First National Treasure


If you’re ever driving through the state of Utah, you will find it very difficult not to stop and pull your car over on the side of the road to admire the beauty of Utah’s landscape. The majestic nature of Utah’s signature sandstone cliffs are enough to take your breath away at any time of day, but if you’ve been there, you know there’s nothing like a Utah sunset.

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to drive through all of this? If you could just spend days on end just taking in all of this beauty without having to worry about holding up traffic on the interstate highway? Many of us who think about taking a trip to Southern Utah would most likely think: Zion National Park, and that’s probably one of the finest choices you could possibly make.

Zion National Park is Utah’s very first National Park, Located near Springdale, Utah, it was established as a national park on November 19, 1919. Now, almost one hundred years since its establishment, the park’s appeal has only increased with each year that travelers have come and gone only to have spread the stories of their breathtaking experiences.

If you’re thinking about making a trip to Zion National Park, here’s a guide on how to make your trip worth while.

  1. Book Your Lodging 

Zion Lodge is a very popular place for travelers, because not only is the open and peaceful ambiance the perfect setting for a relaxing vacation, but it’s only about three miles north of the park if you take the scenic route. There is a variety of lodging options including: cabins, hotel rooms, and suites. This place has some pretty awesome all-inclusive deals like their Bed and Breakfast Package, which includes lodging and a delicious breakfast for two after each night of your stay. If you’re looking to stay at the lodge for your other meals, there is the Red Rock Grill, which is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you’re on the go and just need a quick bite, there is also the Castle Dome Cafe, which is right next to the Red Rock Grill. The Cafe serves coffee, pastries, and other snacks and is open seasonally, so check with the front desk if it will be open during your stay. Other lodging options include: Majestic View Lodge, Cable Mountain Lodge, Cliffrose Lodge, and Flanigan’s Inn.

2. Bicycle Riding

Zion National Park allows for bikes to be ridden on all of the park’s roadways, so you  might as well take advantage of this opportunity to get in some exercise while you sight-see. If you have your own bike, the entrance fee to the park on your bike is $12, otherwise Bike Zion has some excellent deals on bike rentals and bike tours. This is good for the travelers who would like a much more guided experience, but remember this is a very bike-friendly park, so don’t feel like you need to book a tour when you rent your bike. Whether you’re an experienced mountain biker, or if you want to plan an nice trip for the family, there are many options you can choose from when booking those tours. Feel free to check them out here for more information! If you’re just looking for something to get around on that’s faster than your own two feet, then go ahead and pedal on once you’ve rented that bike — no need to book a tour, just remember to return the bike once your rental time is up!

3. Reserve a Backpacking/Climbing Permit


Backpacking and Climbing are very popular activities at Zion National Park, and most travelers like to get the full experience by staying overnight at the park. If you want to stay overnight, however, then you will need to reserve a permit. If you would like to make an advance, you can book your permit up to three months in advance. Don’t panic if you can’t reserve your permit online though. If you can’t make your advance reservation online, you can still obtain a walk-in permit up to one day in advance or the day of.

Zion National Park is a very vast and beautiful park with what seems like an endless terrain to explore. With that, comes with bountiful activities including: hiking, backpacking, climbing, horseback riding, kayaking, and much more. Now that you have an idea of how to book the essentials, you can freely explore the possibilities to build the most epic trip ever to Zion National Park! Check out the Zion National Park website for more information and guidance on how to plan your trip.

Happy traveling!

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